TAMARA KREISLER Gallery was born as a very personal project of Tamara Kreisler, third generation of gallery owners of the Kreisler family, who brings her own vision of life and the art world to this project.

Tamara has lived and worked in ten countries including Spain, Bulgaria, Jordan, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, France, USA, Italy, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates, which has resulted in a cosmopolitan, global vision of the world in general and of the world of art in particular. Since childhood, she has had the opportunity to be surrounded by artists, gallery owners, art critics, collectors and art lovers, visiting galleries, museums and artists’ studios, and this life-long proximity has ensured art is a central part of her life.

Her formal education is in Economics, and she spent the first ten years of her professional life in advertising sales for different media, including The Wall Street Journal in New York. The second ten she dedicated to philanthropy, launching and directing the Theodora Foundation in Spain. Tamara entered the world of art working in an art gallery in Venice and in the family gallery in Madrid, participating in different art fairs along the way.

In 2015, while living in Sweden, she launched Kreislerart.com, with the aim of bringing art in its different disciplines closer to the greatest number of people possible by using a digital platform, with original and affordable proposals.

With the aim of finding original artists from all over the world, Tamara has visited many major art fairs, carefully selecting the artists she works with, while being supported by advisors and curators specialized in various disciplines for this hand-picked selection.

She enjoys working personally for each art buyer, collector or not, as well as dreaming of increasing the number of art lovers and collectors – convinced that life surrounded by art is a better life.

Tamara has the privilege of the know-how of the Kreisler family, great art lovers, with more than fifty years of work in the field and also with the eye and the desire to add new artists and works that are original and transfer real emotion.

In the year 2023, after working with her online art platform for several years and organizing two or three annual physical exhibitions, kreislerart.com became a physical gallery, TAMARA KREISLER Gallery, with a space in Madrid, at Calle Hermanos Álvarez Quintero 6. A goal of the Gallery is to generate alliances with different galleries around the world and start a new program of international art fairs.

The gallery is still committed to discover original talent and promote contemporary artists from the Spanish and international art scene, with a special connection to the Americas.

Therefore, TAMARA KREISLER Gallery is a very Tamara project. Very international and very Madrilene at the same time. It will demonstrate her experience and her desire to continue learning, to continue to collaborate, and it will reflect her love of color and positive energy. It will be somewhat impulsive but reflective too. It will aim to be a very lively space where she is eager to bring art closer in its different disciplines, to the greatest number of people.

Long live the Art!!

Long live art!

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