I am an artist who paints the city, but nothing in particular; I have memories of all of them and an experience as a spectator. In my paintings, each corner can belong to any place in the world; They have no identity signs that place them in any specific place. This makes them more universal. I like architecture, but I don’t intend to simply paint architectures; That’s not the idea, I try to go further. I look for the essence, to transmit sensations and transport the viewer to lost corners of the soul. It is like a trip to the spiritual, transmitting to the viewer another less realistic aspect of the city, more intimate, more poetic, in short, more metaphysical.

As for color, I work by plans; Each one of them is like an abstract painting with numerous nuances, sometimes almost imperceptible. But it is not exactly the color that worries me most in my works but the light. In my “Inner City” light plays an important role and is what directs the entire process; First I plan the sky, where the light comes from and in what way, and the rest of the work is determined by it.

my exhibitions at Tamara kreisler gallery

Long live art!

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