Marina Gadea is a professional artist from Cadiz, Spain, who expresses energy and emotion through colorful abstract paintings. Marina represents the expression of the artist’s pictorial emotion, individual and immediate. You can see in her work that rhythm, that harmony, that tone that approaches her even to a musical abstraction. His work is intuitive, emotional, organic, biomorphic, spontaneous. A commitment to free, open, pure, instinctive painting, in search of new spaces of life. Open and firm struggle for clarity. Her work is driven by the observation of landscape and cultures encountered through travel and aims to connect people and places. She is interested in landscape as a system of representation from which man can measure his world. The common thread that runs through Gadea’s work is a great fascination with nature, along with her willingness to travel and experience landscape painting. Originally from Cadiz (Andalusia), Marina moved to the east coast where she studied at the University of Murcia and Valencia. She currently lives in Cadiz where she works as an artist. Marina has made works of art for professional projects, has exhibited in Cultural Centers, Associations, hotel establishments, Hotels and sale to individuals. She won the first prize Diputación de Cádiz, selected in the CEC awards of the Confederación de Empresarios de Cádiz, Vipren Finalist Awards and Painting Contest of the Unicaja Foundation.

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