The plastic works that Pedro Peña Gil has carried out in recent years are a return to
the attitude of the first photographers who wanted to extract the qualities of light. Although, in its case, adding the element that best presents it: color.

For the Museum Series, Pedro delves into the landscape of museums to search for a light that stands out for its auratic character. Museum institutions are recognized for being places where the history of art is exhibited and the ritual effect consists of a light that is repeated in all cities, intensity and focus that allows conservation and a specific reading so that viewers have a correct experience. Once these spaces are located and portrayed, the photographs are manipulated to extract the masses that suggest the places where the color will be cultivated.

In the same gaps that the light would leave, watery colored shapes are presented that evoke a kind of Aura, made with Pigmented Epoxy Resin. In this case, the choice already determines the colors for each specific experiment. Some cases in monochrome and others a rich palette of bright colors.

Long live art!

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