At TAMARA KREISLER Gallery we offer a unique artistic experience with our diverse projects:


Thanks to years of experience in the art world, we can accompany you whether you are a private client or a company, whether you already have a collection or are just starting to collect, accompanying you in the process of making your collection an important part of your life. We will never advise you to buy a work you don’t love. Together we can:

  • Select artists and works around the world.
  • Organize transportation and insurance.
  • Assemble and conserve your collection.
  • Re-market your artworks.
  • Catalog and organize your collection.


We facilitate the work of real estate agencies, architects, interior designers and decorators providing the artistic touch that completes the decoration work they do. Making renders with different artistic alternatives that adapt to the needs and styles of each interior design project. We have a range of artists in all disciplines and artistic languages to help you make your projects unique.


We are convinced that living surrounded by art is much more enjoyable and will make you much happier, so we love to organize art events in the gallery and outside. Try having breakfasts, lunches and dinners surrounded by art, doing workshops, visiting artists’ studios and national and international art fairs, as well as going to exhibitions in museums and cultural centers. Because art can be exciting, fun and accessible, let us prove it to you.

Once a month we organize a lunch with a lot of art to enjoy the exhibition that is at that moment in the gallery as well as we organize events such as talks, product presentations, fashion shows, cocktails and celebrations, which are much more special surrounded by art.


We help you design and elaborate the souvenir or trophy that completes your event. Who said that art, just because it is small, can’t be of quality and beauty? Don’t worry about the budget, we can accommodate your needs to make your event something that will last in time thanks to the memory that a work of art can produce in any person.


Art can be a fantastic allied for brands for several reasons as artistic elements such as logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a brand. They can capture attention, create a memorable impression, and differentiate the brand from competitors.

Not only that but Art has the power to evoke emotions and create a connection with the audience on a deeper level. By incorporating artistic elements into branding, companies can tap into the emotions of their target audience, fostering loyalty and engagement.

The consistent use of artistic elements builds brand recognition, in a crowded marketplace, standing out is essential. Artistic branding can help a company differentiate itself from competitors by creating a distinctive visual identity that sets it apart.

We can help you to integrate art into branding to create a strong and memorable brand identity that resonates with consumers and drives success in the marketplace. Shall we?


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Long live art!

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